How is
Property Value Determined?

Not every property is the same. Even your next-door neighbour who may have a similar-looking property to yours could have a vastly different house value to yours. The differences can be subtle, such as slightly larger land size, or bigger influences such as more bedrooms.

The mortgage brokers at Loan Monster can help you to understand factors that influence the value of your property.

What to Know How Property Value is Determined

The value of a property can be dependent on numerous factors, and what may be important to some, may be of less importance to others, so we could consider this as a moving component when it comes to determining the value of a property.

Below are some factors that may influence the value of your property – note that it is not limited to this list:

The Location

The vicinity to good schools, shops, and parks are some of the requirements buyers may have when looking for property.

The Size

The size of the property will also determine the ‘buyer type’, for example, a large family will look for a minimum of 3 or 4 bedrooms with perhaps a decent-sized garden; whereas, a retired couple may be downsizing and seeking a more modest home.

Sales in your Area

This may also influence the buyers, for example,  the house next door to you has been sold recently, it is also similar to yours in terms of size. The sale price of this house may impact the sale of your home either negatively or positively depending on the sale price.

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